Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening in Houston

A professional teeth-whitening process is popular at our dental office. Consider these reasons for having your teeth whitened by a dentist rather than using ineffective ready-made kits at home.

Experts have identified 11 benefits from teeth whitening at our office.

Benefit 1: More Whitening and Brightening

Store-bought teeth-whitening kits will only change the color of your teeth slightly, but with professional treatment, you will have whiter and brighter teeth. This is because our dentist has access to a stronger hydrogen peroxide solution that will bubble away the stains from smoking cigarettes or drinking red wine.

Benefit 2: The Whitening Procedure Is Fast

When you visit our dentist’s office, we are ready to whiten your teeth right away with the proper solutions and equipment. We have streamlined the process to make it possible to prepare your mouth with plastic devices to capture excess saliva before our dentist applies the hydrogen peroxide on your teeth.

Benefit 3: We Can Customize the Procedure

Dr. West can customize the teeth-whitening procedure by protecting your dental restorations and tender gum tissue. If you have teeth that are spaced close together, then we can make sure that the whitening chemicals are applied between these teeth to improve your smile.

Benefit 4: Improving Your Overall Appearance

Whitening your teeth professionally can improve your overall appearance without irritating your sensitive gum tissue. A gorgeous smile will improve your facial appearance without the need for surgery.

Benefit 5: Professional Teeth Whitening Is Reliable

Professional teeth whitening procedures are more reliable than using whitening toothpaste or mouth rinses. If you use whitening strips, then you will notice that you still have ugly stains on the bottoms of the teeth near the gums or between the teeth where the adhesive whitening strips won’t attach.

Benefit 6: A Great Smile Makes You More Popular

When you are watching a movie with your favorite actors or considering voting for a politician, you will notice the smiles that the individuals have. Someone may have attractive eyes and gorgeous skin, but if her or his smile looks awful, then the person may not be popular.

Benefit 7: People Know that You Care about Your Personal Appearance

In some work environments, it is especially important for others to know that you care about your personal appearance. If you work in a hair salon or day spa, then your clients will expect you to look fantastic, and having perfectly white teeth makes a statement about you.

Benefit 8: An Increase in Your Self-esteem

If you are hiding your teeth from others by covering your mouth with your hands or never smiling, then with a whitening procedure, you can improve your self-esteem. You have probably noticed that the individuals who have white teeth and perfect smiles exude self-confidence.

Benefit 9: Having Fresher Breath

The deeply embedded stains on your teeth can create a foul breath odor that is impossible to get rid of with regular brushing and flossing. However, professional teeth cleaning will lift the stains from your teeth to eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Benefit 10: Having a Younger Appearance

When you have stained teeth, you will look older, but whitening your teeth will help to give you a younger appearance. Other people will react differently to you when you have a more youthful look.

Benefit 11: Eliminating Bacteria to Prevent Cavities and Gum Disease

The bacteria that are located deep in your teeth can cause dental cavities and gum disease. The removal of the stains with the teeth-whitening procedure can prevent additional oral health issues that can lead to damaged teeth or losing teeth.