Taking Steps To Ensure Patient Safety Amid COVID-19 Concerns

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Caring for our teeth should be a priority—making regular trips to the dentist, following up on prescribed treatments, and taking proactive measures to keep teeth and gums healthy at home will improve your overall health and wellness.

Unfortunately, we cannot take a vacation from dental care during a pandemic; sometimes it is necessary to continue receiving care despite rising concerns about patient safety and the possibility of infection. Want to know what Memorial City Dentistry is doing to keep you safe and healthy? Read on to see what preventative measures we are doing to keep staff and patients alike in good health.

Your vigilant dentist

Your dental assistants and professionals at Memorial City Dentistry are hard at work, sanitizing surfaces and preparing the office for your next visit. Thanks to the advent of COVID-19, we have undergone innovative training procedures to ensure that our environment is as clean and safe as possible; we employ the following responsibilities to minimize the spread of any virus:

  • Greeting and screening questions for guests
  • Temperature checks to ensure that symptomatic patients remain isolated
  • Making sure social distancing practices are followed
  • Adhering to CDC guidelines with regard to the acquisition and wearing of PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Communicating office policies to vendors, employees and clients in an effort to maintain cleanliness standards

In addition, our committed and caring staff has put the following daily activities into practice:

Wearing personal protective equipment to reduce the possibility of contamination
Protective eye wear, masks, gloves, face shields, and disposable body suits are all essential pieces of our personal protective equipment. Research has shown that the use of PPE has significantly slowed the spread of any virus, we have adopted these new safety measures to keep you…and us…..safe from contamination.

Daily temperature checks for staff members
Just like you, we are intimately interested in maintaining our health and wellness at this time. We undergo mandatory temperature checks for anyone working in our environment daily, and we follow strict CDC guidelines for ensuring that someone who has symptoms is tested and quarantined as soon as possible. Provided that someone has tested negative or they have quarantined themselves while symptoms remain prevalent, they are allowed to return to work once more.

Requiring antimicrobial rinses from you….our patient
One additional layer of staff and patient safety involves requiring you to use an antimicrobial rinse before your visit. This office-administered rinse goes to work immediately, ridding your mouth of excess plate and bacteria that could contribute to the spread of illness and infection.

What you can do

We know that seeing the dentist is important, and we want to prioritize your care. Our work together to slow and possibly stop the spread of COVID-19 leaves us all with additional responsibilities. What can you do? Call ahead to see if new safety measures have been put in place, stay home or reschedule your appointment if you feel symptomatic, and get tested to find out if you need to quarantine yourself or those around you. By working together, we can still prioritize our medical and dental care needs while staying safe and infection-free. Here’s to your best health!