The Holidays and Oral Health for Youngsters

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Keeping Cavities at Bay for the Joyous Holiday Season

The holiday season each year is a joy. It also often involves significant consumption of sweets, however. This can lead to a major increase in cavity development particularly in the younger crowd. Kids love to relish candy canes, cupcakes, brownies, sugar cookies and the whole nine yards. If you’re a concerned parent who wants to safeguard your little one from the development of cavities during the holidays, these suggestions can help you do so.

Monitor Sweets Consumption With Great Care

You can safeguard your little ones from tooth decay, cavity emergence and significant discomfort by monitoring sweets consumption. Keep it to a minimum if at all possible. It’s fine to reward your kids with yummy sweets once in a while. Just don’t go overboard. Remember, too, that excessive amounts of sugar can negatively impact everything from brain operations to sleep hygiene.

Encourage Water Drinking

The holiday season revolves around all sorts of delightful beverages that are brimming with sugar. If you want to keep cavities out of your kids’ mouths, then you should encourage them to drink a lot of water. Water does not bring on the emergence of cavities or anything else along those lines. It comes with another big perk, too. H20 has the ability to clear any sugar accumulation that may be taking place inside of the mouth.

Think About the Time

If you’re going to give your kids permission to eat sweets during the holidays, you should think about the time. Sweets consumption is optimal alongside meals. It’s optimal right after people eat as well. Why is that? It’s because the manufacturing of saliva increases when people are consuming food items. This extra saliva can neutralize the detrimental consequences of bacteria, too. Don’t let your kids chow down on sweets right before going to bed for the night. Bacteria and lingering sugar can be a recipe for disaster.

Just Say No to Hard Candy

Hard candy makes frequent appearances during the holiday season. If you want to protect your kids’ oral health, though, it may be in your greatest interests to encourage them to resist the urge to nosh on them. Hard candy can do a number on the enamel of the teeth. It can do a number on the teeth and on oral wellness in general. Hard candy that hangs out inside of the mouth for too long can encourage detrimental sugar to wreak havoc for significant stretches of time. It can encourage sugar to make acid that can be horrible for the enamel as well. Sinking teeth into hard candy can make people a lot more vulnerable to the splitting of their pearly whites. It can make them a lot more vulnerable to their fillings falling out to the ground, too. If you have kids who have cavity fillings, then you should take note of this unpleasant possibility.

Schedule a Routine Dental Checkup

It’s critical for everyone to go to the dentist on a routine basis. Kids aren’t an exception. You should make sure that your kids visit the dentist for checkups and cleaning sessions a minimum of two times each year. If you want to protect your little ones and their chompers for the holiday season and beyond, then you should set up dental appointments for them all. It can be wise to do so prior to the holiday season kicking off. A thorough cleaning session can prepare your kids’ mouths for the holidays and serious sweets consumption. It can help you pinpoint and fix any issues that may exist, too.