Dental Tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Tips for your dental health - Memorial City Houston Dentists

February is known as the month of love with Valentine’s Day the biggest holiday following Christmas. If you’ve been in a grocery store lately, you’ve probably noticed that the shelves are running over with red heart-shaped boxes filled with candy. While all of us enjoy indulging in some extra candy from friends and loved ones, it can also be hard on teeth. Children especially are prone to have dental problems around Valentine’s Day since they are overwhelmed with candy that they get at school events, parties, and from family members.

While you don’t mean to suck all the fun out of the holiday, you probably don’t want to sacrifice your child’s teeth simply because of some extra sweets. To help you make Valentine’s Day festive while still keeping teeth in good condition, we at Memorial City Dentistry have stepped up to pass out a few tips to keep the love in Valentine’s Day without adding the extra cavities!

  1. Don’t Brush Immediately After Eating. We all know that brushing off sugary treats seems like the best idea; however, that’s not always the case. Some sticky candies can actually coat the teeth and cling to the enamel. When you instruct your children to brush their teeth immediately after coating them with candy, they might brush off the enamel at the same time, damaging the teeth significantly. Instead of brushing right away, consider having your kids drink some water or rinse out their mouths with water, then brush an hour later.
  2. Don’t Just Rely on Candy and Sugar. It’s normal to associate Valentine’s Day with sweets, but that doesn’t need to be the case. You can choose to substitute some of your Valentine’s Day sugary-snacks with more healthy treats. Get creative and look into heart-shaped boxes filled with fruits, berries, and nuts. You can also cut sandwiches and even fried eggs into heart-shapes to give regular foods a festive feel. If you like to go out for ice cream on Valentine’s Day, opt for frozen yogurt in its place.
  3. Don’t Let Kids Store Candy. Some kids get so much candy that they end up storing it in their rooms, making it impossible for parents to keep up with how much they are eating. Consider trading your kids candy for prizes, money, or festive family events. For instance, you might trade the bag of candy for $10 or a family event to go bowling. Not only will your kid avoid the candy but they can remember that there are other fun things in life other than eating.
  4. Don’t Totally Give up on Chocolate. Dark chocolate has actually been proven healthy in some studies. You can opt to make a tasty treat by dipping pieces of fruit in dark chocolate for a snack that is still special and yummy while being low on sugar.

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you don’t have to be completely helpless to the onslaught of candy. By using the tips listed above, you can protect your children’s teeth by taking action to replace the normal sugary treats without destroying all the fun.

Here at Memorial City Dentistry, we are passionate about keeping teeth healthy. If you’re worried about the candy associated with Valentine’s Day, then you can opt to set up a cleaning appointment. Contact us today to discover what days are open and when we can attend to your child’s dental needs.